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Body Treatment Service

This facial combines various LED spectra and special technologies to help slow the effects of aging and brighten the complexion. The 60-minute program includes an Exfoliating Mask Extract LED Deep Hydrating Mask and a Gua Sha Facial Massage.

WHAT IS Body Treatment ?

Our body care service is unique in that it offers our clients total relaxation by combining ancient and modern techniques. In this service we use EMS treatments which can help relieve pain and tension and are very beneficial to your overall health.

BENEFITS OF Body Treatment

  • Relieves pain from arthritis, injured joints, tendonitis and other ailments.
  • Relieves various symptoms such as muscle spasms and headaches.
  • Body rejuvenation.
  • Enhancing blood circulation.
  • Insomnia treatment.

We use Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to minimize muscle spasms and pain.

This approach works by directly blocking the transmission of pain signals through the receptors. Additionally, electrical stimulation boosts the production of endorphins, endogenous pain relievers our bodies produce.

The EMS method was developed over 40 years ago in the UK by a team of researchers and clinicians. These gadgets are now regularly used in hospitals, beauty salons, fitness centers and spas to help with various problems.

One of the most notable advantages of EMS is that it can be used to treat muscle weakness caused by accidents or prolonged immobility. This method works by activating muscles so that they contract and relax.

EMS appears to be clinically more effective when muscles and tendons are weak. You can strengthen these resting muscle fibers through electrical stimulation using EMS.

In addition, many sports-related injuries limit joint range of motion, especially in the arms, knees, and ankles. Thus, by promoting blood flow and thereby reducing inflammation, EMS can be used on obstructed joints to increase range of motion and promote healing of injured areas.

How It Works

Our body care services are primarily aimed at providing our clients with ultimate relaxation. The procedure, which lasts up to 60 minutes, combines EMS body massage LED lights and essential oils.

There are a variety of EMS methods, each with its own effects on the body. In our business, we use devices placed on the skin to stimulate nerves and muscles.

After attaching the adhesive components to the skin, we use the control device to send electrical currents to specific muscle areas. Gadgets may provide a variety of different sensations when turned on and directed at specific muscle areas.

Some clients notice numbness or tingling muscle twitching or a dull aching sensation. These sensations usually only last during the massage, although patients may experience them for up to 30 minutes after the body treatment.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have a professional and friendly workforce.
  • Our employees are very knowledgeable about these tools and techniques.
  • We provide fast treatment with long lasting results.


EMS stimulates a greater proportion of muscle fibers. EMS gadgets use electrical signals to target the muscle skin and fibers very effectively, using specific frequency combinations that result in pleasing physiological muscle contractions.

The method’s ability to use a broader spectrum of electrical currents and activate more muscle groups makes it ideal for physical training therapy relaxation techniques and treating back and neck discomfort.

EMS has been used by professional athletes and physicians for decades, and there are multiple peer-reviewed studies demonstrating its usefulness.

The number of activated fibers in the muscle varies with the intensity of the stimulus. Therefore, it is important to employ a suitable EMS strength to involve as many fibers as possible.

If the EMS device is in contact with a large number of muscle fibers, the development of the stimulated muscles will be accelerated. Our therapists gradually increase the intensity of the EMS over different sessions.

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